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our goal is to satisfy customers by working with them to produce the metal products they need to succeed. We embrace the challenge of seeing what we can accomplish together with you, our customer.
It is very gratifying to know that our metal products have met or exceeded your specifications, were delivered on time and at an affordable price. This is why we're here. How we achieve this is a combination of using the latest metal stamping technology and equipment in conjunction with dedicated and knowledgeable employees backed by sound management.

At Excel Stamping and Manufacturing

We produce the parts and products

that you need to succeed in your business. Possibly the product is just an idea at this time or the need to improve an existing product, we are here to bring your idea or improvement to completion. We can help by working along your side from conception through production.
We are located in Cypress, Texas just northwest of Houston. Our stamping and manufacturing facility is 55,000 square feet and our tooling facility is 16,000 square feet. We serve dozens of industries and ship products worldwide. 

Metal is one of the most valuable resources

needed by the world today. Its malleability paved the way to hundreds of creations which benefited society. One process that relies on the proper usage of metal is metal stamping and die design. In this process, the manufacturer turns the metal into various fabricated components. Numerous material thicknesses and material grades are used to make metal stamped components of a wide range of sizes. If you have specific designs in mind and you're looking for a metal stamping service in Houston, one company that you can rely on is Excel Stamping and Manufacturing Inc.

Founded in 1982

Excel Stamping and Manufacturing Inc. aims to bring total innovation to the metal stamping industry. This is possible by applying high-quality strategies to the stamping process. Dedication to the project is also critically important, and this attribute helped Excel Stamping in earning the trust of many clients. For Excel Stamping and Manufacturing Inc., all metal stamping projects are unique. The company is not complacent in handling projects, and each one is processed with care and precision. The company also works closely with its clients, further understanding the specific needs and requests. If ever there are changes, the company works on those right away. 

Excel Stamping and Manufacturing Inc. 

 has a wide range of capabilities and specialized fabrication services. In the company's huge manufacturing facility, different tools and types of machinery are present. Excel is equipped with high production press lines ranging from 100 to 300 tons, powered straighteners, servo roll feeds, auxiliary presses, shears and various other support equipment. All of these machines are constantly maintained to ensure their top performance. Excel Stamping and Manufacturing Inc. is also proficient at making your product ideas come to life. Aside from the company's excellent internal processes, its sister company - FYCO Tool and Die - is also integral to success. FYCO Tool and Die is located on the same property as Excel Stamping and Manufacturing Inc. The two companies work together in fulfilling different orders. 

If you want the best metal designs for your company, Excel Stamping and Manufacturing Inc. will help you out
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